Best Places to Order Checks Online: Top Providers & Tips for Success

When managing your finances, ordering checks online can be convenient and cost-effective. This article will discuss some of the best places to order checks online and provide tips for finding the right check provider for your needs. Whether you’re looking for basic checks or ones with unique designs, ordering checks online can save you time and money.

Why Order Checks Online?

Ordering checks online offers several benefits, including:

  • Variety of Designs: Online retailers often provide check designs, from classic to contemporary, and even themed options.
  • Cost Savings: Online check providers often offer competitive pricing, which can result in savings compared to ordering checks through your bank.
  • Convenience: You can place an order from the comfort of your home and have checks delivered to your door.

Best Places to Order Checks Online

Here are some of the top places to order checks online:

  1. Checks In The Mail: This company offers a variety of designs, including personalized and themed options. It has been in business for decades and is known for its quality and customer service.
  2. Checks Unlimited: With an extensive selection of designs and styles, Checks Unlimited is a popular choice for online check orders. They also offer customizable options and accessories like checkbook covers.
  3. Carousel Checks: Carousel Checks offers a wide selection of checks at affordable prices. They also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring a hassle-free ordering experience.
  4. Vistaprint: Known for its printing services, Vistaprint also offers custom checks with various designs. You can personalize your checks with logos, images, and other branding elements.
  5. Bradford Exchange Checks: If you’re looking for unique and creative designs, Bradford Exchange Checks offers a wide selection of themed checks, including animal, nature, and artistic creations.

Tips for Ordering Checks Online

When choosing an online check provider, consider the following tips to ensure a smooth experience:

  • Check Security Features: Look for providers that offer checks with modern security features such as microprinting, watermarks, and chemical sensitivity to prevent fraud.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Research the provider’s reputation by reading customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Compare Pricing: Compare prices from different providers to ensure you get the best deal. Be mindful of additional costs like shipping and handling.
  • Check Delivery Time: Find out how long the checks take to be printed and delivered. Ensure the timeframe aligns with your needs.
  • Look for Discounts: Many online check providers offer discounts for new customers or bulk orders. Look for promotions to save money.


Ordering checks online can be a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your finances. By choosing a reputable provider and following the tips outlined above, you can find the best place to order checks online that meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for standard checks or personalized options, online retailers offer a variety of choices to suit your preferences.